Gala Tickets
  • ​​​Each Chef and signature dish recipe will be listed in the acknowledgement journal, featuring the address and phone number of the restaurant/establishment. Please provide this information no later than September 15, 2018.  
  • Each Chef will be listed in all press releases
  • Each Chef will be displayed during the entire event and may bring any signage and promotional materials deemed appropriate and available to fit in their designated station.

The Venue Agrees To Provide The Chef With The Following: 

  • Donate and prepare a sampling of the Chef’s specialty plate to approximately 150 persons attending the event: A final count of attending guests will be provided to the Chef, based upon actual ticket sales, two (2) weeks before the day of the event. We ask that you notify us of the type of dish you will be serving in order to avoid duplication. ​
  • Equipment for preparing and serving. (Note: Electrical heating elements and sternos are allowed for this event. Participants are required to bring fire extinguishers).
  • A recipe, preferable the one being served at the event for inclusion in the program.
  • The Chef will be in attendance the evening of the CF Gala on October 31, 2018 and may ONLY bring up to TWO (2) assistants.
  • Please arrive by 5:00pm and be ready for serving by 7:00pm SHARP!
  • Use of the Chef’s/Establishment’s name and logo for materials used in conjunction with the event. 

The Chef Agrees To Provide, Without Charge, The Event Staff With The Following: